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El StoneBreakerTM (LMA Urology, Gland, Switzerland) pertenece a una segunda generación de litotriptores intracorpóreos, neumático y portátil, que aporta

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Called the LMA StoneBreaker, the device is a portable pneumatic lithotripter powered by a cartridge of high-pressure carbon dioxide.

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Director, Stevan B. Streem Center for Endourology and Stone Disease, .. The Cook LMA Stonebreaker is a pneumatic lithotripter that was studied in a

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The LMA StoneBreaker is a single-pulse mode portable contact intracorporeal lithotripter, intended to fragment stones in the urinary tract.

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stone breaker lma Background and Purpose: LMA Stonebreaker™ is a new type of ballistic intracorporeal lithotrite that does not need external electric power or

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Keywords: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy, lithotripsy, stone manipulation devices, The newest pneumatic device, the Cook LMA StoneBreaker®, is a portable

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The diagnosis of stone is often made on the basis of clinical symptoms .. multicenter trial comparing the LMA StoneBreaker™ and the Swiss

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The StoneBreaker™ Pneumatic lithotripter from Cook Medical is used via a rigid or semirigid endoscope with a straight working channel, for the fragmentation of

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The StoneBreaker is a handheld intracorporeal contact lithotripter. It is non-electric, powered by high-pressure carbon dioxide gas. It is fully portable and does

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StoneBreaker Device by LMA Urology Suisse S.A., is a sophisticated peumatic system built to allow fragmentation of stones in the urinary tract faster and more stone breaker lma

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during access to the stone, and robotic systems. stone removal, more precise stone targeting, and . Vario® and LithoPUMP®, Cook LMA StoneBreaker®),.

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Cook Medical LMA Stone Breaker Intracorporeal Lithotripter. Covidien Electrosurgical Generator. Cryolife Holmium Heart Laser. Cynosure SmartLipo Nd YAG.

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Kidney Stones, Device: Cyberwand Device: Stonebreaker Device: Lithoclast and a novel device by LMA (Gland, Switzerland) called the StoneBreakerTM,

Minimize migration, maximize performance.

Requires fewer shocks to fragment stones, and minimal probe movement LMA Stonebreaker is a trademark of the Laryngeal Mask Company Limited. 1.

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Twenty-three stones were located in the parotid gland and 26 in the submandibular pneumatic lithotripter (StoneBreaker; Cook Medical Inc., Bloo- .. a randomized, multicenter trial comparing the LMA StoneBreakerTM.

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Účinná ruční fragmentace kamene LMA StoneBreaker™ Přístroj firmy LMA Urology Suisse S.A. je sofistikovaný pneumatický systém určený k fragmentaci

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The StoneBreaker[TM] (SB) (Laryngeal Mask Airway [LMA] Company, Switzerland; distributed by Cook Medical, Bloomington, IN), is a novel, cordless, handheld

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Cook Medical LMA Stonebreaker - Independent Reviews by Clinicians for Clinicians. The device is designed to fragment stones in the urinary

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This video illustrates setting up and the use of the LMA stonebreaker during a pcnl procedure to remove a large renal stone. The stonebreaker

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StoneBreaker™ Salivary Pneumatic Lithotripter is used for the fragmenting of parotid and/or submandibular salivary duct stones. This product line is serviced by